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A lot of times when I've tried to explain forex trading to my family and friends, they've immediately brushed it off as gambling. I've found it hard to explain what the difference between the two is.

Anyone who knows and can help?

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Forex trading, if done with no plan, expertise, or good risk management can be just the same as gambling because they all have probabilities or odds if you say as well as the risk of losing your whole investment

However, trading is different from gambling because the odds of anything are not predetermined by any central board but are real world factors and a strategy with edge can repeatedly be profitable
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Forex trading is in no way close to gambling, when people start trading Forex, their goal is to get as many payouts from their trades as possible and turn initial deposits into a massive account balance. While this is a perfectly reasonable plan, it can sometimes lead to greed. And in trading psychology, greed is one of the worst enemies of trading.

 Motivated by greed, traders tend to take blind chances, instead of calculating their every step. This is the main reason why some people associate gambling and Forex with each other. In gambling, the chance and randomness are the underlying forces of every game, whether it’s slot machines, poker, or blackjack.

However, even in this sense, there is a big difference between gambling and trading Forex and that difference lies in probabilities. In gambling, the house always stays one step ahead of its players and wins in the long run by turning the odds to its advantage. In Forex, however, there is no house; instead, traders are their own “houses” - they can use various techniques to flick the odds in their favor.

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